Titanium Derma Roller

Professional-Grade Home Skin Care Treatment!


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The Only LA Beauty Titanium Derma Roller is

Easy to use and the best professional-grade tool for promoting healthier skin!

Includes the micro-needle roller, a comfort grip handle, and plastic storage case.

Costs a fraction of the price of professional treatments or other home microneedle tools.

Makes it easy to get the glowing, hydrated skin you've always wanted!


Beauty Made Simple.

The Only LA Beauty Titanium Derma Roller is quick and easy to use:

Sterilize roller before and after each use with an alcohol solution.

Wash your skin well and then pat dry.

Gently roll the tool over the desired skin area 4-5 times. Switch directions and repeat.

Apply a serum or moisturizer.

Use once a week and watch your skin start to glow!

Enjoy youthful glowing skin!


A Breakthrough In Skin Care

Our Titanium Derma Roller is the maximum length recommended by dermatologists for use at home or on the go (.25mm titanium micro-needles)

Microneedling helps boost collagen, improve the look of scars, AND make skin healthier and more hydrated.

The gentle skin stimulation triggers the body's production of collagen and makes moisturizers and serums more effective.

What Are Our Customers Saying?


"MUST HAVE. I had just recently moved from NYC to LA & the change in temperature has been really affecting my skin; it’s been red, puffy and frequent breakouts occur. Day one of using this product: I started off my cleansing my face at night, then used the Titanium Derma Roller and finally applied my moisturizers and serums that I could literally feel were being soaked into my pores. The next day, my skin had totally changed! After ONE use! I plan to use it once a week & highly recommend this gem to everyone."

-Allison F. from North Haven, CT


"I've just started using this roller, but already I'm in love! I thought the small needles would feel more prominent when rolling, but in fact, it barely feels like anything. Roll each section/area of the face 4 or 5 times in every direction, and be sure not to overdo it! I definitely recommend this to anyone who's new or scared of the idea of derma-rolling!"

-Lena G. from Houston, TX


"I've been wanting a derma roller for a while but didn't want to spend over a hundred dollars. Turns out i found this and had to try it because of the reviews. And I gotta say its amazing!!! I didn't think it was working but I took pictures only 2 weeks ago and I definitely see results! I love it!!! Definitely recommend it!!:grin::grin::grin:"

-Tiffany C. from Reno, NV


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Titanium Derma Roller
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